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You're just a daydream away

5 Seconds of Summer: The Billboard Cover Photo Shoot



On meeting Darren Criss

 #I bet darren texted him #what’s your favorite food #what’s your favorite color #do you like animals? #like the nice ones #and little ones #I like those #and I’m rambling too much? #omg I love you #I’m talking to Harry Potter #I’M TEXTING HARRY POTTER #oh I shouldn’t have send that but #dsjkfahsjk#DAN DAN #CAN I CALL YOU DAN? #OK COOL #I LOVE YOU #and then Dan will get a voicemali of darren sobbing

#hey dan have you heard of this band called freelance whales


look at this fucking idiot i want 20


my favorite thing about piper is how much she reminds me of me like on the outside she’s really tactful and nice and tries to reason with everyone to keep the peace but on the inside she makes really sarcastic comments and struggles not to maim and kill the idiots around her




The Winchesters checking you out


Idk how to feel I’m blogging naked

Dylan O’Brien accepting Breakthrough Actor at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards


His smirks

I'm Aika, 20. My name is Japanese but I'm actually from Manila. I fan girl over music, bands, YouTubers and books.

Potterhead, always ϟ

Percy Jackson. Gods, yes.

Travel? Yes Please.

History, Astronomy, Egyptology, Greek Mythology.

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